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Ruth Elizabeth Bette Davis was an American actress with a career spanning more than 50 years. She was famous for her performances ranging from melodramas to historical movies. She had great success in romantic dramas. She made her first Broadway debut in 1929 in Broken Dishes.

After some unsuccessful films at the start, she got a breakthrough in the movie Of Human Bondage in 1934. After her successful role in the movie The Man Who Played God, she secured a contract with Warner Brothers where her career progressed. During the 1940s  Davis made several successful movies including The Letter, The Little Foxes, Now, and Voyager. In 1977, she became the first woman to receive The Life Achievement Award from The American Film Institute. She won an Emmy for her work in the movie Strangers. She portrayed the role of a strong woman in her movies. She was one of the most celebrated leading actresses in U.S. cinema.

Birth5 April 1908
Birth NameRuth Elizabeth Bette Davis
Nick NameThe Fourth Warner Brother,The First Lady of Film, Betty
OccupationActress, singer
Years active1929-1989
SpousesHarmon Oscar Nelson, Arthur Farnsworth William, Grant Sherry, Garry Meril
Death 6 October 1989
Resting PlaceForest Lawn Memorial Park

Early Life:

Ruth Elizabeth Davis was born on April 5, 1908, in Lowell, Massachusetts. Her father Harlow Morrel Davis was a law student. Her mother was Ruth Augusta. Her parents divorced in 1915 and she was raised by her mother. She moved to New York with her mother. She worked as a portrait photographer.  Davis also became a Girl Scout where she became a Patrol Leader.


After the separation of her parents she attended a boarding school Crestalban in Lanesborough.  She was enrolled in the Clarence White School of Photography. Davis also attended a boarding school Cushing Academy in Ashburnham. Davis was not serious at school. Her attitude was insecure and frivolous.


Bette Davis had many well-known relationships in Hollywood. She was married four times. Davis was first married to Harmon Oscar Nelson on August 18, 1932, in Yuma, Arizona. She had several abortions during her marriage. The couple divorced in 1938.

She married Arthur Farnsworth in 1940 . The marriage ended tragically when Arthus died because of a skull fracture after a fall. Davis married William Grant Sherry for the third time on December 3, 1945. The couple had a daughter Barbara. The couple separated in 1950. Davis met her fourth husband Garry Merril on the set of Allo About Eve and married the same year. They adopted a girl and a boy but the couple eventually divorced in 1960.

She had secret affairs with George Brent and Gig Young.

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Davis made her debut in the Broadway movie Broken dishes which was followed by Solid South.  Davis moved to Hollywood in 1930. She had a screen test for Universal Studios.  She portrayed her role in Bad Sister in 1931. She appeared in a small role in Waterloo Bridge.

As An Actress:

Davis was a volatile, versatile American Actress whose acting skills kept her at the top of her profession for almost 50 years. She had contracted with Warner Brothers in 1932. She was cast in several movies by Warner Brothers but was nominated for Academy Awards for the first time for the movie Dangerous in 1935. She was nominated for the Academy Awards for consecutive 5 years. She had the record for most consecutive nominations with Greer Garson.

Famous Movies:


Davis Collapsed during the American Cinema Awards in 1989. She discovered that her cancer had returned. She traveled to France, where she died on October 6, 1989,  at the American Hospital in Neuilly-Sur-Seine.

Net Worth:

Bette Davis’s net worth at the time of her death in 1989 was $1 million. After adjusting for inflation, that’s the same as around $2.5 million in today’s dollars.

Davis was one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood during her career. She earned $100,000 for her role in All About Eve (1950), which was a record for a female actor at the time. She also earned a percentage of the profits from her films, which helped to boost her net worth.

Awards And Honors:


No, Bette Davis did not win an Oscar for What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?. She was nominated for Best Actress, but lost to Anne Bancroft for The Miracle Worker.

This was a controversial topic at the time of the film’s release, as some people felt that she was too old to play the role of Baby Jane Hudson, a former child star who has become a washed-up has-been. However, Davis’s performance was widely praised, and she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress.

Bette Davis was 5’3½” or 1.6 m tall. She was of average height for a woman of her generation. Her height was often a source of self-consciousness for her, as she felt that she was too short to be a leading lady in Hollywood.

Bette Davis had a net worth of $1 million at the time of her death in 1989. After adjusting for inflation, that’s the same as around $2.5 million in today’s dollars.

Bette Davis is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California. Her grave is located in the Courts of Remembrance section, Map #A37, Distinguished Memorial – Sarcophagus 1; large white tomb to the left of the entrance.

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