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Vivien Leigh was a British actress. She is best known for her Oscar-winning roles in Gone With The Wind and A Street Car named Desire. She often portrays the roles of women that were struck in unhappy marriages. She played the role of a woman who can go to lengths to achieve her desires.  She had a cat-like smile and was known for her black hair and soft green eyes. 

She was ranked 16 in the 50 Great Screen Legends by the American Film Institute. Despite her legendary stature, Leigh made fewer films in her career. At the beginning of her career, she appeared in small roles in 1935. Despite her fame as a screen actress, Leigh was primarily a stage performer. She won Academy Award For Best Actress twice. She was a lover of cats. She had suffered from Bipolar Disorder and chronic Tuberculosis, which became the reason for her death at the age of 53.

Birth5 November 1913
Birth NameVivian Mary Hartley
Nick NameVivling
Years Active1935-1967
SpousesHerbert Leigh Holman,Laurence Olivier
Death8 July 1967

Early Life:

Leigh was born as Vivian Mary Hartley on 5 November 1913 in British India. She was the only child of Ernest Richard Hartley and Gertrude Mary Frances. His father was a British Broker. Her parents married in 1912 in London.

In 1917, her father was transferred to Banglore and Vivian stayed with her mother in Ootacamund. She made her first stage appearance at the age of three reciting Little Bo Peep. Vivian always expressed a desire to become a successful actress.


At the age of 6, Vivian attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart. Later she was removed from school and traveled with her parents for four years.  She was enrolled in different schools in Europe that made her fluent in English, Italian, and French. In 1931, her family returned to Great Britain. She was enrolled in the Royal Academy of  Dramatic Art because of her interest in acting.

Marital Life:

Vivian met Herbert Leigh Holman, a barrister 13 years her senior, in 1931. Despite his disliking of theatrical people, they married on 20 December 1932 and she terminated her studies at RADA, her attendance and interest in acting having already waned after meeting Holman. On 12 October 1933 in London, she gave birth to a daughter, Suzanne, later Suzzane Farington.

Leigh began an affair with the British leading man Laurence Olivier in 1937, while Olivier was married to Jill Esmond and Leigh was married to Holman. She capped her professional high point with her marriage to Olivier in 1940. After marriage, they both appear in the historical drama That Hamilton Woman. Leigh’s mental illness deteriorate her marriage life and the couple divorced in 1960.

Vivien Leigh Daughter:

Suzanne Farrington, the stepdaughter of Vivien Leigh, led a relatively private life away from the public eye. Born on October 26, 1933, Suzanne was the daughter of Herbert Leigh Holman from a previous relationship before his marriage to Vivien Leigh. Suzanne pursued a career as an actress and later transitioned to become an artist. While she did not achieve the same level of fame as her stepmother, Suzanne had her own accomplishments in the arts. She remained largely out of the spotlight, maintaining a private life. Suzanne Farrington passed away on November 21, 2015, at the age of 82.


Leigh made her onstage and film debut in 1935. She starred in the play The Bash which did not gain particular success. But she made an impression on the producer Sydney Carrol. He later cast her in a lead role in the movie Things are Looking Up.

As An Actress:

Vivian was a legendary actress but she performed mostly on stage. She made very few movies. She earned the first academy award for her portrayal in the movie Gone With The Movie. She married  Laurence Olivier before her stardom.

Famous Movies:


On the night of 7 July 1967, Vivian died due to chronic tuberculosis at the age of 53. Her death was publicly announced on 8 July 1967. Many celebrities of stage and film attended her funeral.

Awards And Honors:

Vivien Leigh Net Worth:

Vivien Leigh, the esteemed English actress, had a significant net worth at the time of her death in 1967. While it is difficult to provide an exact figure, various sources estimate her net worth to be around $10 million. Adjusted for inflation, this amount is equivalent to approximately $85 million in today’s dollars.


Vivien Leigh was reported to be approximately 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) tall. However, it’s important to note that height measurements can vary, and this figure may not be entirely precise.

Vivien Leigh’s net worth was estimated to be $10 million at the time of her death in 1967. This is equivalent to about $85 million in today’s dollars.

Vivien Leigh won two Academy Awards during her career. Here is a breakdown of her Oscar wins.

Vivien Leigh had one daughter named Suzanne Farrington. Suzanne was born on October 26, 1933, from Vivien Leigh’s first marriage to Herbert Leigh Holman, a British barrister. Suzanne led a relatively private life away from the public eye. She worked as an actress and later pursued a career as an artist. Suzanne Farrington passed away on November 21, 2015, at the age of 82.

Vivien Leigh had fair skin and was often described as having a porcelain complexion. She had naturally light brown hair, which she often dyed to match the characters she portrayed in films. In terms of eye color, Vivien Leigh had captivating blue eyes that were often considered one of her most striking features.

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