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One of the best actors in Pakistani showbiz is Imran Ashraf Awan. He is the one who started his acting career with enormous goals and is now regarded as the most valuable actor in the entertainment industry. He is currently one of Pakistan’s most adored entertainers, and his popularity is spreading worldwide. When we hear his name, the first thing that comes to mind is his superb acting skills. He has an enormous following. 

All because of his superb acting skills and ability to make most dramas economically and critically successful. This article covers Imran Ashraf’s biography, including his age, education, family, wife, career, and awards.

Quick Information:

Name Imran Ashraf Awan
Date of BirthSep 11, 1989
Age 34 Years (2023)
Birth Place Peshawar, Pakistan
ProfessionActor, Model, Writer
SiblingsOne Brother
SpouseKiran Imran
Net Worth$2 Million (Approx)

Imran Ashraf continuously adapts himself to the character he plays. Therefore, it wouldn’t be unfair to think of him as an example of perfection. Imran achieved worldwide popularity for the role of the character “Bhola,” who won the hearts of countless viewers. He is the most modest performer who knows how to amaze audiences with his grace and skill.

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Imran Ashraf Age:

Imran Ashraf Awan was born on September 11, 1989, in Peshawar, the city of flowers. Although he is currently 34 years old, he still appears to be in his 20s.

Imran Ashraf Education:

Imran received his early education at the modern-age school centre in Abbottabad. Later, the family migrated to Islamabad, where he finished his undergraduate studies and obtained. His master’s degree. In his interviews, he revealed that during his studies. He was an average student and just completed his M.A.

Imran Ashraf Family:

Imran Ashraf, a Pakistani, grew up in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in a middle-class family. Throughout his life and profession, his family has been a significant source of support and motivation for him. Imran’s father was a banker. He has only one brother named Abbas Ashraf.

Imran Ashraf’s Wife:

On May 6, 2018, he got married to Kiran Ashfaq, who is now Kiran Imran, a fellow artist. There were only close family and friends present at their wedding ceremony. Kiran is a model-turned-actor who quit the entertainment business after getting married. Areeba was her last character in the drama series “Khasara.” Rohan Imran, a sweet and innocent youngster, is now their child.

Reason for Divorce between Ashraf and Kiran Ashfaq

Kiran Ashfaq got married to actor Imran Ashraf in 2018, and they welcomed a son in 2020. However, in November 2022, the couple announced their divorce on social media without disclosing the reasons. Subsequently, both Kiran and Imran remained silent about the end of their marriage.

Recently, Kiran Ashfaq participated in the podcast of TikToker Kanwal Aftab, where she spoke in detail for the first time about the issues during her first marriage with actor Imran Ashraf and her second marriage.

Model and actress Kiran Ashfaq mentioned that she is still modeling but has taken a break from TV dramas due to her son.

Regarding her current husband, Hamza Ali, she shared that he is based in Lahore, while she works in Karachi. She expressed happiness about having two homes, with her in-laws in Lahore and her son in Karachi. Kiran praised her mother-in-law and stated, “Talking to my mother-in-law is more enjoyable than with my husband. My mother-in-law is very good.”

Kiran ashaq with new husband

While praising her mother-in-law, Kiran Ashfaq became emotional, saying, “These are tears of happiness. I didn’t expect my mother-in-law to be so good. Generally, mothers-in-law are not good, they say daughters-in-law become daughters only when they become mothers.”

Kiran Ashfaq further explained, “For the past five years, my parents couldn’t sleep peacefully. After marrying Hamza Ali, my parents have found mental peace. For this, I want to thank my husband Hamza and his family.”

During this time, Kiran Ashfaq also discussed her separation from actor Imran Ashraf. She mentioned that during those five years, Imran Ashraf did not provide support, and there were various issues that she used to share with her mother.

“There were many issues during my marriage to Imran Ashraf. My mother didn’t tell my father about my problems, but on the day of my divorce, for the next five days, my father was admitted to a hospital in Malaysia. I didn’t dare to talk to both brothers about my issues,” Kiran revealed.

Imran Ashraf Acting Career:

There is a long list of dramas in Imran’s acting career where his admirers have been moved by his various performances. He started his acting career in 2011, and because of his hard work and dedication, he has hurried up the success mountain since then. He played a supporting role in his first drama series, “Wafa kaisi Kahan Ka Ishq,” but everyone appreciated his role.

He next performed in “Baandi,” which was similarly a supporting role, in 2012. He has since played a variety of supporting parts. Imran Ashraf worked with Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat as Dastgeer in the well-known drama series “Dil Lagi” in 2016. Audiences praised this series highly. It has an exciting story. ‘Dil Lagi’ was made available following his outstanding performance and nomination for the best-supporting actor in ‘Gul-e-Rana’ with Feroz Khan and Sajal Ali.

Imran Ashraf gained popularity in 2017 after years of working hard as a transgender character in the well-known program “Alif Allah Aur Insan.” He achieved this perfectly and surprised everyone, ignoring that playing such a part on TV was challenging. He performed to the acclaim of his supporters and fans. Imran Ashraf also won for Alif Allah and Insan at the sixth Hum Awards.

He performed the most challenging role of “Bhola” in the extremely popular drama serial “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi” in 2019. This drama serial featured well-known performers, including Syed Jibran, Iqra Aziz, and Asma Abbas. Everyone wants to be another “Bhola,” which is an actor’s greatest achievement. He went to the top of the television industry because of the success of this serial, and they added his name to the list of the most in-demand celebrities.

Imran Ashraf Writing Career:

Imran started out as an actor, and after a run of successes, he is now starting on a new journey. He is also attempting to write stories for various channels. He has completed everything and is currently making an image for himself in the writing community. His debut piece of writing, “Tabeer,” was for Hum TV, and its story was remarkable. For “Tabeer,” they nominated him as the best writer for the Hum Awards.

After that, he worked on the drama series “Mushq” for Hum TV, in which he also appeared together with Urwa Hocane. The audience and fans adored their Adam and Guddi combination, as well as their story. He is extraordinary, his work is outstanding, and he is currently engaged in several more sizable projects.

Social Media Handels:

Millions of people love the personality of Imran Ashraf Awan. He has about 3.3M followers on Instagram. His Instagram handle is imranashrafawan. He has a Facebook account with about 820k followers. His official Facebook handle is Imran Ashraf. He is also active on Twitter as @IamImranAshraf.

Imran Ashraf Drama List:

2011Wafa Kaisi Kahan Ka Ishq
2012Ab Ke Sawan Barsay
2013-2015Meri Maa
2013Noor e Nazar
2013Mere Meherban Woh
2015Mohabbat Aag Si
2015Ishq Nachaya
2015Faltu Larki
2016Dil Lagi
2016Bad Gumaan
2016-2017Khuda Mera Bhi Hai
2016-2017Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain (Season 2)
2017-2018Alif ALLAH Aur Insaan
2017-2018Toh Dil Ka Kya Howa 
2017-2018Main Maa Nhi Banna Chahti
2018Dil Mom Ka Diya
2018Kabhi Band Kabhi Baja
2018-2019Ranjha Ranjha Kardi
2019Rani Nokrani
2019Kahin Deep Jaley
2022Chaudhry and Sons
2023Heer Da Hero

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