Rana Sana-ullah Khan Biography 

On June 1st, 1950, Rana Sana-Ullah Khan was born. He is Sher Muhammad’s son. Rana Sana-Ullah is a B.com graduate. He works as an advocate and a business owner. His 2017 gross income was Rs. 75,000,000. This money came from a business, a salary, and rent.

In 1990, he entered politics as a Pakistan Peoples Party candidate. Since then, he has run in six elections and was chosen as the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) candidate for NA-106 (Faisalabad-VI) in the National Assembly of Pakistan.

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NameRana Sanaullah Khan
Date of BirthSaturday, Jan 01, 1955
Age68 Years old
Birth PlaceLyallpur, Punjab, Pakistan
ResidenceFaisalabad, Pakistan
FatherMr Sher Muhammad Khan
Siblings Rana Sana-ullah
ChildrenOne child
Marital StatusMarried
RelationsIftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry (cousin)
Nationality Pakistani
Religion Islam
ConstituencyNA-106 Faisalabad-VI
Serve AsMNA
Political partyPakistan Muslim League (N)
Other political affiliationsPakistan Peoples Party (until 1993)
Home TownFaisalabad
Permanent AddressHouse No.12, Mohallah Samanabad, Block C, Faisalabad.
Local AddressG-103, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad
Contact Number0300-8887070

Early Life and Education:

He was born in Faisalabad on January 1st, 1950. Rana Sana-Ullah continues to be connected to the same city today.

He graduated from Faisalabad Government College with a bachelor’s degree in commerce. He then proceeded to the Lahore Government Law College, where he obtained his LLB.


His relative Chaudhry Iftikhar Ahmad served as Pakistan’s 20th Chief Justice and is a jurist. He has a married daughter who is not involved in politics. While he was being held in custody for a narcotics case, the NAB also detained his son-in-law.


He previously ran for a seat in the Common Gathering in the 1990 General Races while partnered with the Pakistan People Groups Party, and he was fruitful in doing so. Rana Sana-Ullah stood firm on the footing of Delegate Head of Punjab from that time until 1993. He left the party and joined the Pakistan Muslim Association N once his term was up.

In the 1997 Pakistani General Decisions, he again decided to act as an individual from the Common Gathering on the PML N party ticket.

In the overall appointment of 2008, he was chosen for the common together again from a similar voting public and party. He was designated Punjab’s Priest of Parliamentary Undertakings and Regulation.

Also, he was Punjab’s clergyman of Local Area Advancement and Nearby Government. He additionally got the occupation of the pastor of Public Arraignment.

They reappointed Rana Sana-ullah Khan as the appointed head of Punjab:

In the overall appointment in 2002, he again decided to sit down in the Common Gathering for five years. He ran in the elections for the PP-70 Faisalabad Constituency as a member of the same political party.

They reappointed Rana Sana-ullah Khan as the appointed head of Punjab. He experienced serious wounds in ISL in 2003 because he analysed the Tactical System. Rana was fortunate to survive and be transported to the hospital immediately.

He received favourable election results in 2013 and was re-elected to the Provincial Assembly. His situation as Pastor of Parliamentary Undertakings and Regulation was restored.

He again confronted triumph when he remained in the 2018 races from the NA-106 Faisalabad Electorate for a seat in the Public Gathering. He was delegated as the party’s leader in 2019.

Rana Sana-Ullah Khan doesn’t see the PTI chief’s role in national politics anymore:

 PTI believes that its support base has grown since May 9. According to Rana Sana-Ullah Khan, it is dreaming.

“Their true faces were revealed to the public. He is a “scourge” in the country, with the sole purpose of wreaking havoc. The PTI referred to the arrests of PTI employees for alleged involvement in vandalism as political victimisation, and Khan vowed to win the upcoming elections no matter what.

According to Rana Sana-Ullah Khan, the PTI leader instilled animosity among the youth. Now, everyone who is rational is aware of his plans to create chaos. Is Elahi at ease? PTI President Parvez Elahi claimed at the same broadcast that it is customary to transfer inmates from jail to hospitals when they are ill.

Elahi seems at ease. In the same program, PTI President Parvez Elahi claimed that it is customary to transfer inmates who are experiencing discomfort from the jail to a hospital. Elahi is allegedly not healthy and is being denied his rights, according to PTI. His wife, who also described Elahi’s treatment in jail as “very painful asserted the same thing.”

Rana Sana-Ullah Khan, however, denied the accusations. He pointed out that the party had previously made false accusations against jail officials for harassing PTI’s female employees, which the government and PTI’s female employees themselves refuted. According to the reports I have, Chaudhry Parvez Elahi is at ease. All facilities are being made available to him.

Imran Khan urges Pakistan’s judiciary to take a stand against the victimisation of PTI members:

In what has become known as the “cypher case,” Interior Minister Rana Sana-Ullah Khan issued a warning to Imran Khan that if he did not comply with the inquiry into the disclosure of state secrets, he risked being detained. The 70-year-old former cricketer-turned-politician claimed that Shehryar’s counsel made clear that the only reason for subjecting him to this torture and persecution was to force him to record a 164 CrPc statement against Imran Khan.

Access To Justice Is The Fundamental Right Of Every Citizen:

According to Rana Sana-ullah Khan, the provincial minister for law and parliamentary affairs, access to justice is a fundamental right of every citizen, and without securing it, the aim of establishing a tranquil society cannot come true. He claimed that because tyrants in the past prioritised personal interests over national interests, our country is currently experiencing issues. Rana Sana-Ullah claimed that the laws may be changed to meet the needs of the present society to provide justice to the deserving and the poor.

He made these remarks while speaking at a conference organised by the Pakistan Bar Council and UNDP at the Pearl Continental Hotel on the subject of “National Conference for Improvement of Legal Aid System in Pakistan” today. Supreme Court Bar President Fazal Haq Abbasi, the president of the Supreme Court Bar Association, Azam Nazir Tarar, the vice chairman of the Pakistan Bar Council, Ramzan Chaudhry, the chairman of the Free Legal Committee, Mrs. Shahzad Ahmed, the technical advisor for the UN Development Program, and other presidents and office-holders of bar associations were also present. Accorrding to him, the recommendations made at the conference for enhancing the legal aid program on the Pakistan Bar Council’s platform will not only prove to be a turning point in the supply of legal aid to worthy individuals but will also contribute to strengthening the legal framework of the government.

Rana Sana-ullah claimed that the PML-N’s astute and energising leadership is centred on the public sector. He claimed that both the government and the judiciary will benefit from the recommendations and ideas for delivering justice put forth by conference attendees. 

Court issues non-bailable arrest warrant for Pakistan’s interior minister:

An enemy of psychological warfare court gave Rana Sana-Ullah a warrant in northeastern Gujranwala City for regularly missing hearings. Rana Sana-Ullah Khan was detained in August 2022 while he was in opposition to making threats against high-ranking government officials during a news conference. He dismisses the allegation. The single-seat court’s appointed authority, who had recently dismissed Rana Sana-Ullah Khan’s solicitation for an exception from the consultation, purportedly requested the police to keep him and welcome him under the watchful eye of the court on Walk 28. Rana Sana-Ullah Khan, who was entitled to bail, was arrested late last month by the same court.

This move comes soon after an Islamabad court gave a non-bailable capture warrant for Imran Khan, an unmistakable resistance pioneer and previous top state leader, to the unapproved obtaining and offer of presents got from unfamiliar dignitaries while he was in office.

The police were unable to capture him at his home in the northeastern city of Lahore, despite opposition from his supporters. Since a political crisis that was exacerbated by a weakening economy and rising prices, Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party and Nawaz Sharif’s coalition government have been at odds. Decisions that would somehow or another happen in October of the ongoing year are requested by the PTI. The interest has been denied by the organization on different occasions.

Imran Khan escaped to a neighbour’s house to evade arrest in the Toshakhana case: 

Rana Sana-ullah, Pakistan’s interior minister, claims that Imran Khan scaled the wall of his Lahore home to escape arrest in the Toshakhana case and fled to his neighbour’s home. Rana Sana-Ullah Khan made these statements after Imran Khan’s lawyer confirmed that he will appear in court on March 7 after Islamabad Police had travelled to Lahore to arrest him.

Pakistan Minister Rana Sana-Ullah Khan acquitted in narcotics case:

Interior Minister Rana Sana-ullah was accused of possessing 15 kg of heroin when a drug case was brought against him in 2019 by the Imran Khan administration. Rana Sana-ullah was cleared by a special court of the Control of Narcotics Substance in Lahore. The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF), which claimed to have recovered 15 kg of heroin from Rana’s vehicle, detained the minister on July 1, 2019, in Lahore. Despite the claims of the then-interior minister Sheheryar Afridi that he had all the evidence, the ANF could not present any compelling evidence against Rana Sana-ullah as the case developed.

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