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Ayla Malik Biography 

Ayla Malik is a well-known figure in the political landscape of Pakistan. Hailing from a political family, she is the granddaughter of Malik Muhammad Mohammad Khan of Kalabagh, a former governor of West Pakistan. Additionally, Ayla Malik is related to the prominent Pakistani politician Sumaira Malik through her sister. Ayla Malik is also the niece of Sardar Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari, a former president of Pakistan. Her active participation in the PakistanTehreek-e-Insaf has propelled her to prominence, and she has remained a close associate of Imran Khan.

Ayla Malik played a vital role as Imran Khan’s campaign manager in Mianwali. She is an accomplished politician and journalist, having served in the National Assembly from 2002 to 2007 on a seat reserved for women. During this time, she was a key member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. She later became the deputy secretary general of the Millat Party and ran for MNA in the 2002 elections under the National Alliance banner. Eventually, Ayla Malik joined the PTI, and her importance as a major party member earned her a reserved seat in the National Assembly. Moreover, she is also facing Controversies related to Imran Khan. 

NameAyla Malik Nawab
Born6 October 1970
Parents Father: Allahyar Khan
GranddaughtersMalik Amir Mohammad Khan of Kalabagh
Siblings 2 Sisters 
SpouseEx-Husband: Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind
Children2 Daughters
UncleSardar Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari
ReligionIslam, Muslim 
ProfessionPolitician and Journalist
Political PartyThe millat Party (1998-2011) Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) (2011-2017)
EducationBoard of Intermediate and Secondary Education
Net Worth in 2023$1 Million – $5 Million
Affair Imran khan

Early Life and Education:

Ayla Malik was born on October 6, 1970, making her slightly older than 53 years of age. At the young age of 28, she entered politics, and at the age of 32, she was elected to the National Assembly. She is one of the wealthiest politicians in Pakistan and has made a name for herself as a successful politician. She also belongs to a particular circle of well-known politicians.

Ayla Malik’s grandfather, Malik Amir Mohammad Khan of Kalabagh, had been the governor of West Pakistan. Ayla Malik is the sister of politician Sumaira Malik a famous politician . Ayla Malik is also the niece of former Pakistan president Sardar Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari.

Before moving to Lahore, Ayla Malik finished her early education in Mianwali. She received her intermediate degree on July 20, 2013, from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Rawalpindi, and afterwards proceeded to England to pursue a journalism degree. 

Fake Degrees: 

For the Mianwali by-elections, the PTI nominated her. Unfortunately, her submission of a false Intermediate degree resulted in her disqualification. Due to the BISE Rawalpindi’s declaration that her intermediate degree was bogus and false, the ECP decided to disqualify her from running in by-elections. Ayla Malik, a former member of Pakistan’s National Assembly, is alleged to have bogus degrees, according to media reports. Her degree was deemed a forgery by Pakistan’s Election Commission in 2013, disqualifying her from holding public office. 

Later, in 2018, the Pakistani Supreme Court affirmed the Election Commission’s ruling and ruled that her disqualification was permanent. It’s crucial to remember that any claims of having false degrees should be thoroughly researched and proven through a fair and equitable legal process. Ayla was disqualified from running for office in July 2013 by the Lahore High Court and the Election Tribunal for submitting a forged intermediate degree. 

Personal Life : 

Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind, a politician from Pakistan, was married to Ayla Malik. Ayla Malik said ” Rind wanted to keep her bound to the limitations of his home” and the pair filed for divorce a few years after they wed. They have two kids together. One of them is a son named Sardar Khan Rind, who serves as the RQI’s chairman, while the other is a daughter named Myra Malik, who is wed to Pakistani politician Amir Malik.

The Nawab family remained active in politics even after the Nawab died a mysterious death in 1967. It’s still not clear whether the nawab was killed by his wife (Ayla Malik’s mother), his son(s) or his daughter-in-law.

Political Career 

In 1998, The Millat Party candidate Ayla Malik won a seat in Pakistan’s National Assembly, launching her political career. She was the youngest Member of the National Assembly (MNA) in the history of Pakistan at the age of 23 and served on the National Alliance platform from 2002 to 2007. 2011 saw Ayla join the PTI. Currently serving as PTI’s focal point, she served as the district’s campaign manager during which PTI won every seat. She concentrated on advancing healthcare and education in her hometown of Mianwali, which has one of the lowest literacy rates in the nation, while she was in government.

Ayla Malik left the Millat Party in 2005. She endorsed democracy and the restoration of the judiciary after joining the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party. During a rally against the government in 2007, she and other opposition leaders were detained. She was imprisoned for one month before being let out.

Ayla Malik joined the PTI in 2008 as the organisation’s information secretary. In addition to being a vociferous opponent of the government’s policies, she was a crucial player in the party’s media strategy. In addition, she was engaged in advancing the party’s policy on social media, utilising her Twitter account to interact with both fans and detractors.

To propose to Parliament, the party, however, was unable to win enough seats. When PTI leader Imran Khan opted to stick with Rawalpindi, he decided to run Ayla in the by-election for the seat in her hometown of Mianwali because she managed the party’s campaign in the area where PTI won all the seats.

Ayla Malik was injured on 10th May 2013 when unidentified gunmen opened fire on her convoy in Mianwali.

Controversy & Audio leak: 

Imran Khan’s phone audio that was leaked Insaf Tehreek-e-Pakistan Following the internet release of a recording of their “sexual discussion” with Ayla Malik, PTI leader Imran Khan is at the centre of yet another controversy. The two-part audio tape was posted to YouTube by Pakistani journalist Syed Ali Haider. The former Pakistani prime minister is heard on the audio recording using sexually explicit language with his female coworker Ayla Malik. Although it’s believed that one of the two audio samples is older than the other, two recent audio clips have gone popular online. Imran Khan, the PTI’s leader, is heard on the recording having what appears to be a private chat with the woman. The second, allegedly more recent video shows Imran beckoning a woman to approach.

Social Activism & Media Career 

Ayla Malik has devoted her life to advancing women’s rights and education in Pakistan as a social activist. She has been a strong voice for women’s and girls’ rights and has campaigned to advance gender equality and put an end to discrimination against women in Pakistan.

In her hometown Mianwali district, she has also campaigned to advance education. She has started several schools in the area and fought for increased financing for education there. In addition, she has pushed to advance healthcare in the region and opened several clinics to serve the residents of Mianwali. 

Ayla Malik is very active on social media and has made use of her position to advocate for charitable causes and spread knowledge about problems facing Pakistani citizens. She is a fervent supporter of democracy and has been outspoken in her criticism of the present administration’s policies as well as the military government’s.

Before entering politics, Ayala worked as a TV anchor. Imran Khan made a guest appearance on Ayla’s TV show in 2009. Imran and Ayla are rumoured to have been together for a very long time. Imran was greatly beloved by Ayla. In the course of an occasion, he also referred to Imran as the nation’s hero.

The current affairs programme “Situation Room with Ayla Malik” was hosted by Ayla Malik for Dunya News.


Pakistani badminton player Ayla Malik competed at the national level. She grew up in a royal family which has led her to be an avid hunter. She shoots as well and has competed in national competitions. She picked up a gun and opened fire instead of running away as a few attackers attacked her election convoy in Mianwali in 2013 instead of ducking.

Ayla Malik Hobbies: Reading, Shooting, Hunting, Playing, Horse riding Sport: Tennis 

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